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Sign up now to receive our monthly newsletter (which includes articles and tips for your Gerber family) as well as other important product information from Gerber Life. Gerber has carried a strong rating of “A” or Excellent with A.M. Best Rating since May 2016. Burial insurance for seniors – Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance is available for ages 50 to 80. It helps protect families from the financial burden of final expenses. Remember that you can also borrow from the cash value of your policy (policy loan interest rate is 8%), giving you an extra financial tool for unplanned expenses. To start, it’s important to keep in mind that Guaranteed Issue (GI) is a specific type of life insurance without a physical: 1. Gerber Life Insurance offers guaranteed issue policies to people ages 50 to 80 with coverage of $5,000 to $25,000. So if you or a loved one feels strongly towards critical illness or terminal illness protection, AIG would be the stronger choice. By comparison, term life insurance policies don’t build cash value. That predictability can have great value as you budget for the years ahead. As long as you continue to make premium payments, your policy will be in-force. Bookmark the permalink. As the senior population grows, Gerber Life Insurance for Seniors and Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance are worth looking at for reliable, well-priced life insurance products for anyone over the age of 50. Fixed premiums – the premiums are fixed for … If death occurs within the first two policy years for any reason other than an accident, all premiums plus 10% interest shall be paid to … This is why we include information about the carriers, their ratings, application process, customer service and more in our reviews. If you're between age50 and 80, acceptanceis guaranteed1, If you're betweenthe ages of 50 and80, acceptance isguaranteed1, 1 Monthly premium reflects discount for paying via automatic monthly payments from your checking or savings account. Cash value builds over time and can be borrowed from if needed. For example, an adult child can own the policy on their father, but the father is the insured. And if you have any questions along the way, our dedicated customer service representatives are happy to help. You may be delighted to know that this amount is currently not subject to federal income tax when paid to your beneficiary. Gerber Life has term, whole, and guaranteed life insurance options for adults, children, and seniors. When it comes to the plan itself, the Gerber Guaranteed Life Plan is a fairly typical policy in terms of features and benefits. View our privacy policy. You can save up to 8% on your monthly premiums by signing up for Easy Pay to have your payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month. However not every policy is perfect, and we do have one potential setback. So let’s dive in and learn about the Gerber Life guaranteed issue product. The information needed is very basic and relates to the insured, the owner and the beneficiary. Gerber Life Insurance has been protecting families like yours since 1967. Children ages 15-17 can be insured by our Young Adult whole life insurance plan. Be Aware: Unfortunately, there are some plans on the market where premiums increase every 5 years. Complete a few more simple questions about yourself and then choose your coverage amount – between $5,000 and $25,0002 – and apply. G… As with all of our company and guaranteed issue policy reviews, we cover the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the high-risk product they offer. Mutual of … Our #1 goal is to help you secure the coverage necessary so you can get on with your life and really feel a strong peace of mind when it comes to your family and advanced planning. Gerber Guaranteed Life is available for people between the ages of 50 and 80 in quantities that range from $5,000 all the way up to $25,000. Below are sample premiums from Gerber across several age and price brackets. Credit card debt, medical bills and funeral costs can be very costly. Let us customize a Guaranteed Life Insurance quote just for you. The Gerber Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance product is a great choice for those who have more serious health conditions because all applicants are automatically approved. What is whole life insurance? Gerber is one of 15 high-risk final expense companies that we review on this site. Jeff Root is the author of The Digital Life Insurance Agent and host of the Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast. About Gerber Life Insurance A guaranteed issue life insurance policy can provide an avenue for life insurance protection – even if someone … Prescription/Rx Guide: None since this is a guaranteed issue product. After the two year period ends, the full benefit amount of your policy is paid. This means that Gerber is financially strong and able to meet the needs of its customers when claims are filed. This plan features a two-year graded death benefit with 10% interest if death occurs from natural causes within the period. How does Guaranteed Life Insurance compare to No Medical Exam Life Insurance? If your health should warrant a guaranteed acceptance policy, don’t make the mistake of going elsewhere. We also understand that most people qualified for a no questions policy are on a fixed income and unable to pay exorbitant monthly premiums. Even your past reports will go unchecked. What is guaranteed acceptance life insurance? The Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance policy comes with a graded death benefit limitation. To Summarize, Here Are the Benefits of Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Insurance rates are guaranteed to never change. It applies to the first two years of coverage when the policy is issued. #1 Gerber: If you are between the ages of 50 and 80, you can choose from $5,000 to $25,000 in guaranteed life insurance from Gerber Life Insurance Company. In fact, the average cost of a funeral alone can run as high as $10,0003. They use the terminology “budget minded” for this product. Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance policy is designed to be easy to understand, and easy to buy. If you’re between 50 and 80 years old, your life insurance acceptance is guaranteed with this policy, regardless of your health history.1 There are no medical exams to complete or lengthy health questionnaires to fill out. When shopping for life insurance, always keep in mind that the best policy is one that fits your individual needs. Cons of Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Gerber offers guaranteed issue whole life policies for lower coverage amounts of $5K-$25K. Everyone can qualify for this product as long as you fall within the age range and enter into a legally binding contract. Application Process: Using an independent agency or directly through the carrier. Lowest-price or close-to lowest-price final expense guaranteed issue product on the market. All content on this site has been written by life insurance experts & licensed life insurance agents. Pros of Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance Your acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your heath. Choose from$5,000 to $25,0002 of coverage. Their unique products include the Grow-Up Plan, which provides whole life insurance for children. The application process is simple and easy. There are many insurance providers on the market that offer guaranteed acceptance burial insurance. You may be familiar with life insurance policies that don’t require a medical exam, and that’s exactly how the Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance policy works. The Gerber Guaranteed Life Plan is guaranteed issue meaning there are no medical exam hoops to jump through, no underwriting or health questions on the application. offers life insurance products and services through Digital BGA. Many other providers provide similar plans, such as AARP, Colonial Penn, and even Globe Life. About Gerber Life Insurance We have an “A” (excellent) rating from the highly regarded independent reporting firm, A.M. Best. Follow Gerber Life on your favorite networks for exclusive updates. Gerber might immediately remind you of baby food. All rates shown include a $1.00 policy fee and a discount for ACH payment. If you’re ready to buy Gerber guaranteed life insurance or another life insurance product to help with final expenses, let us help you by calling today or using the instant quote tool on this page. The Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plan is a whole life policy that offers lifetime protection and builds cash value. These policies are commonly used to cover final expenses.. Gerber guaranteed issue whole life policies are available only to those 50 to 80 years old, making these policies a form of senior life insurance.But its main advantage is that the policy doesn't require a medical exam or health … Guaranteed issue life insurance is a type of ... Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance provides valuable whole life insurance protection to help cover final expenses, such as medical bills, burial costs and unpaid debt. Please contact us for personalized service today! And since your premiums will never go up, your payments will always be stable. For as little as $1 a week, you can give your child a lifetime of life insurance protection with plans starting at $5,000. Approval is guaranteed regardless of your health but the policy will have a graded death benefit for the first two years. Gerber Life Insurance Company Ratings Cons of Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance. These premiums, however, are fixed and will never increase on you. Copyright © 2019 – All rights reserved. For additional reviews. Gerber Life Insurance Company. By getting a free, instant quote now, you can get an idea of how much your monthly premium will be for life. Guaranteed issue life insurance is one of the many products offered by well-known and trusted insurance companies. The Gerber Guaranteed Life Plan is guaranteed issue meaning there are no medical exam hoops to jump through, no underwriting or health questions on the application. Speak with an experienced advisor! Gerber is a great option for life insurance so there are very few drawbacks when choosing Gerber Life Insurance. *  Or if you decide to cancel your policy for any reason, you would receive the available cash value. One of Gerber’s strengths as a company is their streamlined, digital application process. No matter what, there is no one-size-fits-all policy on the market, even for high-risk candidates. * Your decision today will help your child be better equipped for adult responsibilities tomorrow. 866-503-4481. Gerber Life’s guaranteed issue burial insurance is easily the best guaranteed acceptance policy on the market. Today, Gerber Life is licensed to sell life insurance throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Gerber Life Insurance has been selling insurance since 1967 and has several different insurance products available. You can apply online (or by phone) in minutes for a lifetime of coverage — and your acceptance is guaranteed. Gerber Life has over $45 billion of life insurance in-force spread out over 3.5 million policies. It gives your family one less thing to worry about during an especially trying time — when financial challenges should be the last thing on their minds. By signing up you agree to occasionally receive email from Gerber Life. For the price you pay, guaranteed issue policies don’t offer much coverage. Gerber Life Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance There are also term and whole life policies for adults, though the death benefits are quite small, with a maximum of $300,000. If you have major health issues, especially within the past 2 years, Gerber is a good bet to be the perfect policy for you. Gerber’s Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is a final expense life insurance policy. Currently, Gerber has assets under management of more than $2 billion with the majority of the company’s portfolio in high-quality investments. With the Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life policy, if death occurs in the first two years your beneficiary will receive all premiums paid plus 10%. You can secure a small amount of coverage to cover the basics, or a larger amount to take care of greater expenses your family may face down the road. It helps protect your family from the financial burden of your final expenses. What coverage amounts does Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance provide? No, with Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance, the amount you pay when coverage begins is the same amount you’ll pay throughout the duration of your policy. When you buy a Guaranteed Life Insurance policy, you’re helping to protect your loved ones from the burden of costly final expenses. Call 866-503-4481866-503-4481 for more information, M-Th 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm ET. Guaranteed issue life insurance is a type of life insurance policy that has no underwriting and is guaranteed to anyone regardless of health. The policies can build cash value. Get a free quote today to see how a policy can fit into your budget. *Guaranteed Life is issued in all states except AR & MT. You may also visit our instant life insurance quotes page to see what and our experienced team of agents can do for your family and peace of mind. Important featu… Guaranteed life insurance is a type of guaranteed whole life insurance policy that protects families from a financial hardship when a loved one passes away. The best part about this guaranteed issue burial insurance plan is the price. Product Highlights And Underwriting Advantages: Gerber is an easily-recognized brand name life insurance company. The plan is also a whole life insurance plan meaning that the coverage will last for your entire life. We would love to earn your business by helping you make this decision and comparing rates from the top insurance carriers in the country. Pro Tip: Since this is just a sampling and is subject to change, the most affordable plan for you can be discovered by comparing guaranteed issue life insurance rates using the free quoter on this page. Guaranteed issue insurance through Gerber is a great plan, with competitive rates. View All Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan Questions, Cash value: a plus to whole life insurance, Quick facts about Guaranteed Life Insurance. Total limit of all combined Gerber Life Guaranteed Life policies is $25,000. As of today, when you pay by ACH, you can get a discount up to 8%. Gerber is a well respected and financially sound company that can be trusted. Handles all forms payment (except monthly direct billing). Unsubscribe at any time. Getting the best price.. Gerber Life Insurance sells directly to the public. The only time your premiums may change is if you decide to increase coverage or the frequency of your payments. State requirements vary somewhat. Gerber Life Insurance Company has an A.M. Best rating of “A” (excellent). This is the 3rd best rating available and far superior to many carriers that also feature guaranteed issue products. Guaranteed Life Insurance from Gerber Life can be a smart choice to help your family cover the cost of your final expenses. Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance. Features of guaranteed issue life insurance include: Payment of premiums is notably flexible with Gerber and there are discounts for certain methods. Sign up for news and tips, exclusive offers, and much more. Except their prices are higher. What coverage amounts does Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance provide? You will likely have a waiting period before your beneficiaries would qualify for the death benefit Because of this, Guaranteed Issue life insurance should almost always be your last resort for securing life insurance. Anyone denied life insurance because of advanced age will still qualify for Gerber life insurance for seniors. It’s a financial safety net that you’ll always have, as long as premiums are paid. Since it is a whole life policy, the plan also builds cash value. Available to men and women between the ages of 50 and 80. What really sets it apart is that it’s backed by an excellent life insurance carrier with a strong balance sheet and reputable brand name. The entire application takes place over the phone with an independent agent who is appointed with Gerber and licensed in your state. It provides shoppers with final expense coverage for an affordable premium. Since there are no health questions on the application, you are under no obligation to tell your insurance agent or the carrier anything about your current or past health standing. With Gerber’s guaranteed issue life insurance, a 50-year-old female can get $10,000 in coverage for $28 per month. This site provides life insurance information and quotes. This is definitely not the case with Gerber. You’ll also see rates for the Gerber guaranteed issue policy to help cover final expenses. There is an opportunity for you to save money by going with someone else. The best guaranteed issue life insurance companies are Gerber, AIG, and Great Western. The policy can be electronically signed in a matter of minutes and delivered directly to your inbox. Gerber Life is known for their competitive pricing, although they are little more expensive than other guaranteed acceptance plans. Guaranteed acceptance insurance is life insurance that does not require a medical exam or health questions in order to be approved for coverage. Gerber Life Insurance has been around since 1927 and is best known for its children whole life insurance policies. 1 Plus our Guaranteed Life Insurance builds cash value that you can borrow from if you ever need help with unexpected expenses. A 50-year-old male can get the same policy for $38 per month. While the company is known for this, they are also a premier provider of life insurance products. Gerber Life provides a wide range of Guaranteed Life Insurance coverage amounts, from $5,000 to $25,000*. To compare guaranteed acceptance life insurance rates for your exact age and requested policy amount, use the complimentary quoting tool on the side of this page. Copyright ©2020 Gerber Life Insurance Company. Gerber Life found its start more than 45 years ago when it became a separate affiliate company to Gerber Products Company, the same trusted household brand responsible for baby food and products. As a whole life insurance policy, a portion of each premium you pay is set aside as the cash value of your policy. We understand you want to give your child every advantage. Their guaranteed issue policy is … Let’s look at some of the specifics. Is Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance is Right for You? It is available for those ages 50 to 80 and offers coverage amounts ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. Our Gerber Life College Plan representatives can help you choose the best way to plan for college. Integrity Marketing Group partners with A-rated Gerber Life Insurance who has a strong brand name recognition in the market place. The Graded Death Benefit of a policy is a period of time when the death benefit paid is restricted If death occurs from natural causes (not accidental) during your policy’s first two years. For example, a $250,000, 20-year term life insurance policy for a woman in her 60s costs, on average, $908 per year. Gerber is a financially strong insurer so you should feel safe applying for coverage if this Gerber product is best for your needs . It’s a smart option for those wanting to stay one step ahead of costly final expenses. If you still have questions about our Guaranteed Life insurance, visit our Life Insurance 101 to learn more about:• Do I need a medical exam?• How much life insurance do I need?• Why do I need life insurance?• Cash value: a plus to whole life insurance• Quick facts about Guaranteed Life Insurance, 1 To be eligible for coverage you must be a U.S. citizen residing in the US or permanent legal resident. You may be aware of guaranteed issue life insurance products offered by companies like Colonial Penn and Gerber Life, who frequently advertise their guaranteed issue life insurance products on daytime television. Guaranteed Life Insurance from Gerber Life is a whole life insurance policy for adults between 50 and 80 years old that does not require a medical exam or ask health questions – your acceptance is guaranteed.1 Plus our Guaranteed Life Insurance builds cash value that you can borrow from if you ever need help with unexpected expenses. The guaranteed issue product is available in almost every state and provides agents with another guaranteed issue … Those who may not qualify for other types of life insurance due to a health concern could still get life insurance protection with a guaranteed acceptance policy. This includes final expense insurance. The Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance is whole life insurance for adults between 50 and 80 years old. We represent over 30 life insurance companies & transact business in every state. Whole life insurance is an easy way to protect your family for the length of time you want the protection, at a rate and benefit amount you select. You may be shopping for yourself or perhaps you’re helping a loved one explore life insurance options.

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